Introducing affordable online cycling coaching with Humango AI

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Humango AI – a collaboration that aims to provide budget-friendly, AI-powered fitness coaching tailored to cyclists of all skill levels.

Humango AI is a state-of-the-art digital training platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence to create fully personalised workout plans. At the core of Humango is Hugo, the virtual coaching assistant, who analyses your performance data and preferences to generate customised training plans in real-time.

What makes Humango unique is its ability to adapt your training plan based on new data from your devices and apps, ensuring that you're always progressing towards your goals. And, with Hugo taking care of the data analysis, you can focus on improving your cycling skills and staying motivated.

As a Thighs Club member, you'll not only get access to personalised training plans but also join our exclusive online community – a space where cyclists can connect, share their experiences, access exclusive content like tips and videos from pros, and get motivation from our founding athletes and coaching staff.

The best part? Our partnership with Humango means you can get all of this for just $40 per month. We believe in breaking down barriers to coaching, and this low-cost option allows more cyclists to benefit from our expertise. While AI coaching is a great starting point, we also recognise the value of one-to-one coaching for achieving success, so we’re here to find the right balance. So, we can care for more cyclists at a lower cost, while still providing great training.

At Thighs Club, our mission is to provide premium cycling coaching for riders of all abilities. We're committed to building an inclusive community that supports both elite racers and weekend warriors, helping you unlock your full cycling potential.

Ready to take your cycling to the next level with Humango? Start your journey today.

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