About Us

Thighs Club was coined when one of the best pedallers landed himself one of the worst pedallers and a blissful collaboration of all things thighs began. 

Alex Dowsett is British six time National Time Trial Champion, Giro d’Italia Stage Winner and former Hour Record Holder. He can ride a bike really well.

Chanel is a self appointed six time national Thighs Champion and can often be found reviewing bikes on YouTube much to the dismay of Alex. She can ride a bike okay-ish but is out to prove that anyone and everyone can take up cycling and enjoy it. 

Their community brings together the absolute opposite ends of the spectrum in cycling. One is a professional world tour rider and the other simply enjoys pedalling for movement, fitness and exercise. Thighs Club sets out to support and serve both in a relaxed and fun environment. 

On a more serious note, you can read about Alex’s and Chanel’s cycling journey stories below.

Alex`s Cycle journey

Chanel`s Cycle journey